• Scuba Diving

• Visit the Byzantine monuments and churches on the island.

• Visit the museum in the central square of the Castle with finds from the Byzantine period and beyond.

• Hiking in the alleys of the Castle and parallel to the walls. Be enchanted by the narrow paths that run through the castle of a butt and pass into another era. In the central alley will find many small charming shops, cafes and restaurants.

• Hiking in the early morning sunrise or late afternoon. The uphill journey takes about 15 minutes but worth to admire the view from above.

• Riding.

• Fishing.

• Running and cycling out of the city.

• Swim in the beautiful beaches.

• Trips to seaside or mountain villages.

• Participation in local wine and sweets.

• It is the only island in the North Aegean and probably all of Greece, featuring: 25 hiking routes, a total length of 197 km. - cleaned paths - with good marking - easy to moderate difficulty trails - courses lasting 1 to 6 hours - in unspoilt natural environment - with signs fantastic panoramic view - with idyllic spots for relaxation, picnics where giving you the opportunity to visit the most important historical sites island.

• Parallel paths for Mountain Biking.

• New in Skiathos .... Geokeitzigk! Search and find the treasure in the cave Murderess.

• If you prefer, you can book a photographic safari jeep for great landscape photos on the unique nature of the island. For more information ask us when you arrive at the hotel.