Skiathos Town is the only settlement on the island.It is built on the southeast end of the island in a sheltered bay that separates two parts of the island Burzi. It is relatively new settlement, built in 1829-1830 on the ancient city on two hills at the edge of the sea.The ancient settlement was founded in 800 BC.

The large natural harbor of the city is ideal from the standpoint of the southern orientation and shape. In Skiathos, homes are simple and small, mostly two-storey, amphitheater, built alongside one another. The roads are narrow without regular arrangement but a few spots.

Bourtzi is a small peninsula that divides into two parts Skiathos harbor and in the past was a fortress. The fort was founded by brothers Ghisi, who occupied Skiathos in 1207. In the fort was a tank and a chapel of St. George, the patron saint of Venice, which was probably built by the brothers Giza. Because of this church, Bourtzi called "Castelli of St. George."The fort was destroyed in 1660 when he realized the island, the Venetian admiral Francesco Morosini.

In 1823, through the ruined ramparts of the inhabitants, and Skiathians refugees were able to repulse Topal Pasha.After liberation, Bourtzi operated the first quarantine of the island, while in 1906 the center of the peninsula was built elementary school donated by Andrew Avenue.

At its entrance is from 1925, the bust of Papadiamantis. Today, Bourtzi is really a rare place for recreation, planted pines, always cool, with magnificent views. From the old fort saved a few remnants of the walls, as well as distinguish left and right of the road leading to the entrance of the old school, positions which is the church of St.

George and the tank of the fortress.The old school has been transformed by the current initiative municipal authority, a cultural center, with elegant and functional meeting rooms and a really dreamy summer theater, where every summer become successful theatrical performances.